Before you start your next challenge, make sure you know exactly what you’re working with. Our baseline testing is the best physical performance assessment on the market, guaranteed to set you off in the right direction from day 1! Our assessment provides an in-depth review of your physiological parameters, highlights your physical strength and weaknesses, followed up with detailed video analysis and recommendations on how to maximize your training for you and your coach.

What’s included:

  • VO2max

  • Critical Power testing battery to assess your 2nd critical break point to demarcate your high - severe intensity domain. Essential for detection of maximally sustainable sub-anaerobic performance for optimal racing strategy

  • Near Infrared Reflectence Spectroscopy (NIRS), to assess your muscles ability to utilize oxygenation for maximum efficiency

  • Training zones assessment and prescription - based on your individual physiological parameters and advanced power and heart rate performance modelling.

  • In-depth video analysis of your assessment with specific training recommendations

  • Connecting you with local cycling and triathlon clubs and coaches to best suit your training needs

  • Detection of bio-mechanical in efficiencies and follow-up treatments at West 4th Physiotherapy

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