Comprehensive Performance Testing and Data Analysis

Comprehensive Performance Testing and Data Analysis


This comprehensive performance assessment includes the most advanced testing protocols to determine critical physiological break points alongside detailed data analytics of your training history to help you and your coach optimally navigate your fitness towards your highest aspirations.

What’s included*:

  • Lactate incremental test to assess your first critical break point to be used for efficient base training.

  • Critical Power 3 minutes test to assess your 2nd critical break point to demarcate your high - severe intensity domain. Essential for detection of maximally sustainable sub-anaerobic performance for optimal racing strategy.

  • W prime analysis. Known as the amount of energy available above Critical Power, this imperative piece of the puzzle will inform you and your coach on how many matches you have to burn once the needle enters into the red.

  • Complete training history review and analysis. Using advanced, recent scientific literature in combination with proven performance data analytics, our highly trained data analysts will breakdown your negatives and positives from your most recent seasons performances to provide you and your coach with how things unfolded and what to expect in the future.

    *Please note - all our tests are customisable based on the athlete’s goals. We believe that prior to each testing protocol employment, an understanding of the athlete’s goals and background are needed to provide the ideal test. Please answer our short questionnaire prior to selecting this option to get the most out of your investment.

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