We believe in quality and precision. We offer one coaching package where you the athlete, gains access to everything we have to offer. There is no half-way when you want to be the best you can be. We simply offer our very best to you.


our marquee coaching package includes:

  • Goal setting

  • Analysis of historical training data and establishment of training zones

  • Yearly Training Plan programming

  • Premium Training Peaks account

  • Customized training plan for you, your needs, your goals, your schedule, with weekly or bi-weekly updates

  • Frequent coach feedback (including Critical Power and W' analysis) and last minute adjustments to your plan as needed

  • Quick response time to unlimited athlete-initiated communication

  • Complimentary access to DRKHORSE coached rides

  • Motopacing sessions (starting spring 2019)

  • Race day preparation, tactics, and analysis

  • Laboratory Testing by DRKHORSE Labs

  • Training and race day nutrition and fueling strategies

  • Equipment and gear advice

  • Cycling resume consultation and team liaison for those wanting to take the next step

  • And much more!


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