A tailor-made, affordable path to success that fits your life


in training, UNCERTAINTY is not an option

This is what defines our customized programs. In every ride, every day of every week, we make sure your program provides you with clear paths to your objectives. An affordable option for riders looking to aim for a specific event and wish to guarantee a result without related 1-on-1 coaching overhead.

This option provides you with a fully customized training program for 16 weeks, with tailor made workouts to suit your needs for only $399. Consultation and check-ins are available during your 16 weeks, with optional added features such as S&C and sport nutrition to help you make the cut.

Contact us today to tell us where our program will lead your cycling journey next.

  • 45min phone introduction + Q&A with a DRKHORSE coach of choice
  • 16 weeks tailor made training program (+$75 for each additional four week period)
  • Training Peaks Basic account setup
  • 10% discount on all DRKHORSE Lab services
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